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Tears, Law School and March Madness

9:15 am 2012 March 29
by Jayme Soulati

Credit: Wall Street Journal

Is your alma mater in the Final Four? Or, was it upset on the road through March Madness? Third question…did you cry, guys?

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a cover feature (you know the one at center bottom) about crying. Apparently, tears are flowing freely during, after and before games. No one is safe – there are cheerleaders, coaches, parents, fans, and, alas, coaches (!) bawling everywhere. Seems the TV cams are having a hey-day in the process trying to capture the tears (let’s hope the mascara is water proof, cheerleaders!).

Not everyone admits to crying; some of the players adamantly deny they had one droplet rolling down a cheek. Apparently, these machismo males didn’t get the memo that crying is the new normal at sporting events and how about law school graduation?

What do think, Gentlemen? Will you shed a few, gasp, tears when you graduate from law school? Pent-up emotion is expelled via tears, and it’s only human to blubber sometimes; yet, it’s an embarrassment to freely admit it happens on national TV.

I’ll admit, after motherhood, the tears flow a lot more spontaneously especially when it comes to sad movies about death, children and horrible crimes. Does that happen with fathers, too?

  • Look at the first line in this blog post, “For over 20 years as a physician, I’ve witnessed the healing power of tears.”  (Wow, this doctor could be sisters to Kathy Griffin!)
  • How about this one in Psychology Today  where a New York Times reporter calls crying “emotional perspiration.” We all know what perspiration is – detox!
  • And, gents, you may want to seek out a program like this one in San Francisco Called Men of Tears – men of all ages gather to cry, learn how to shed tears, or release anxiety built up over years of frustration.

According to the Wall Street Journal… “Crying has become a culturally acceptable expression of victory in the macho worlds of sports, politics and the military,” said Michael Messner, the author of Power at Play: Sports and the Problem of Masculinity.

So, March Madness 2011 looms to a close Monday; perhaps you’re graduating law school in the next 12 months…what do you think? Are you gonna cry?

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  1. Shelly Kramer permalink
    March 29, 2012

    My hubs cries. As do I. Oh, and Rock Chalk, Jayhawk.

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