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Websites With Personal Finance Deals

10:36 am 2012 April 20

I always enjoy leafing through Money and Smart Money magazines; they seem to arrive the same day and stories within make for good blog fodder.  Today I whipped through every page of each and finally spotted some information worth sharing with the JD Match community.  What follows is a list of websites oriented to mostly money saving applicable to many of us. These are extracted from the May 2012 Money magazine in a feature called Best Deals on Everything.

  • Credit and will find banks or credit unions near your home with the best rates for a checking account. If you follow the requirements, you can get a credit union account for 4% savings.
  • Credit Rewards — NerdWalletcom — I am in awe of anyone who coupons religiously, participates in credit card loyalty programs and actually gets some perks out of them. If you have a credit score of 700 or higher, then you should get a rewards rate of 1.5% or more. Hit this site to see how you can play the game a bit more beneficially.
  • Daily Credit Card Offers for Points, miles, etc. — — several times a year, there are cards that offer a 30,000 miles bonus. Don’t miss out on these; hit this site or and watch.
  • Free College — Open Courseware Consortium provides a list of free online college courses including 1800 offered at M.I.T. Of special note is UC-Irvine that offers “The Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning.”
  • Make a Purchase using which helps you time your buy based on a pricing history algorithm, among other factors.

From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, I picked up a few more:

  • has all health insurance plans listed with detail about benefits, deductibles, payments and more.
  • Looking for a smartphone? Kiplinger’s says the Samsung Galaxy S II and Epic 4G Touch (Sprint) are the best phones for the money…about $230 with a two-year contract.
  • Enjoy a good podcast? Check out Freakonomics with topics ranging from parenting to hitchhiking. It’s available on iTunes  or at
  • lists low-priced products in nine categories and offers tips on which make for a good deal.

These were some of the ones I found most interesting and general for a wide range of audiences. Which sites might you add to this collection?

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  1. May 7, 2012

    Excellent list of resources, Jayme!

    I personally enjoy reading the Mintlife blog as well as their free apps as well.

    It has helped me stay on top of my finances by providing a 360 degree view of all my accounts.

    – Will

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